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The Pressure Washing Experts in Tacoma, Washington

Professional Pressure Washing

If you own a home in Tacoma, Washington you will inevitably have to deal with mildew, dirt, and mold invading your home’s exterior surfaces. With the area’s humid weather, these microscopic organisms incubate more frequently and grow faster and stronger. Not only is this an eyesore on your home’s appearance, but, if left uncleaned, this growth will also actually eat away at your siding and paint, causing a real expensive repair. You are much better to clean it now than repair later.

Our Pressure Washing Service Includes:

Driveways & Walkways Washing

Your driveway is a welcome mat for your Tacoma, Washington home and the first point of contact to make an impression on your guests. Your driveway is also naturally a magnet for dirt and stains and scuffs because your car brings home all the muck from the roadways. Over time, the accumulation is too much for your garden hose and nozzle. Request pressure washing from Concrete-Mex LLC to keep your drive and sidewalks looking as good as new! We offer driveway and sidewalk pressure washing as both a one-time service and a regularly scheduled maintenance service for homes and businesses throughout Tacoma, Washington.


Decks, Garages, Fences & More

Fences and Decks– There’s nothing attractive or appealing about a large buildup of mildew, mold, stains, and dirt on the wood planks of your outdoor patio, deck or fence. Performed by the knowledgeable power washing professionals at Concrete-Mex LLC, pressure washing is a fast, safe, and affordable way to make quick work of grime and extend the life wood fence or deck.

Garage Floors – With the constant in and out traffic of your family’s vehicles, leaking fluids and more, your garage floor will become a discolored mess. Worse, you can be tracking the grime inside to your floors and carpets. Concrete-Mex LLC are Tacoma, Washington experts at cleaning garages.