Concrete-Mex LLC

The Patios Experts in Tacoma, Washington


There are many reasons to relax on your porch; for example, you can host a barbecue party with your friends or try to soak up as much vitamin D from the good sunshine. Regardless of the reasons, you should create a retreat in your backyard with a concrete patio installation. Our ideas are innovative and we are available to meet our customers.

Our Patios Service Includes:

Patios Construction

You have big plans to decorate your backyard, but you cannot move ahead with your ideas just because your porch is undersized, then you need to call us. If you are eager to make the most out of your patio, we are more interested in transforming your dream into reality by installing a concrete patio. We want to look at your property and see whether the area is untouched or has some old concrete slabs, and then we will produce new ideas to cater to your requirements.


Patio Restoration

We not only take pride in our concrete installation but also your concrete restoration and repair services. If there are small cracks formed in the concrete slabs, we will conduct the most straightforward yet effective repair process of filling the cracks with a filler compound. You might not believe it, but once we are done with the restoration, your concrete patio will look like it has been freshly installed. We understand that the concrete patio can also get severely damaged, and thus the entire concrete bed can sink downwards. But you do not worry because our skilled contractors have numerous effective solutions in their bags to bring you out of the distress.